Quantum Forest is written by Luis A. Apiolaza in Christchurch, New Zealand (the land of the long white cloud, the Lord of the Rings and R). I can be contacted here or in Twitter as @zentree.

This site started as my shoebox for useful code and data analysis scribbles, ranging from simple issues creating problems for newbies to more obscure pieces of code. I later expanded the site to include photos and sounds (grouped under jetsam), nothing spectacular but I enjoy recording the world around (there is life beyond stats and coding).

On the data analysis side of things Quantum Forest is not an ‘R blog’, although R is the main vehicle that I use for data analysis. ASReml, SAS, Python and any other thing that I may use from time to time also appear in posts, together with quotes and notes from books that I find interesting.

Incidentally, I am not a statistician by training but—depending on my mood—am a forester, a quantitative forester (term that I lifted from Oscar), a quantitative geneticist or (if I want to sound suave and trendy) a statistical geneticist. I like the intrinsic beauty of mathematics; the fact that it is a useful discipline is a secondary consideration.

Newton and Luis with our new copy of Doing Bayesian Data Analysis
Newton and me with our new copy of Doing Bayesian Data Analysis (2011-12-13). Newton digs the cover. (Photo by Orlando)


I welcome constructive comments that directly relate to my posts. Spam, comment bots, unrelated comments, ‘just because I think so’ writings and personal attacks are deleted.


You can get an idea of my potential conflicting interests and biases reading the about page of my main site. I work at the School of Forestry, University of Canterbury but these posts do not represent the views of my past, present or future employers, family members or pets (my cats don’t like statistics and my dog will trade R for a bone any day).