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Category: field recording

Jetsam 33: 1:51″ in the backyard

I was testing the Zoom H4n with a couple of external omni microphones while walking in the backyard. It was quite windy, picking up around 30″ and then the dog coming and sniffing the mics at around 45″.

Jetsam 13: dump

While disposing of some garden waste in Christchurch’s EcoDrop—which processes recycling,

Jetsam 11: Two hundred beetles

I am a fan of Tim Prebble’s The Music of Sound, where he deals with field recording and the role of sound in general. Tim is running a field recording competition which requires ‘a cardboard box, a microphone, a recorder and you. Thats it! No processing allowed, submit a single take’.

I decided to go for something a bit creepy given the time of the year: getting close to Día de los Muertos. My setup was fairly simple:

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