Flotsam 14: dev links

Succulent plants at the office.

Back doing some coding, playing with R packages and collaborating with someone else. This is an unusual situation for me, as I write my own code, and never bothered learning to use git (or other code management system). With the help of the Twitter crowd I've been slowly learning to use some git so the… Continue reading Flotsam 14: dev links

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Flotsam 11: mostly on books

'No estaba muerto, andaba the parranda'† as the song says. Although rather than partying it mostly has been reading, taking pictures and trying to learn how to record sounds. Here there are some things I've come across lately. I can't remember if I've recommended Matloff's The Art of R Programming before; if I haven't, go… Continue reading Flotsam 11: mostly on books

Pythonic links

Before I forget: a few links about starting up in Python for scientific projects: Basic Data Analysis and More—A Guided Tour Using python. PDF in the arxiv. Python Scientific Lecture Notes. Quick introduction chapters. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python! An opinionated intro to Python. Numba versus Cython, for when you really need speed. Now if… Continue reading Pythonic links