Having a break cycling

I've spent the last three weeks working in a project that: if successful, will provide quite a bit of interesting data and a few papers coming from it but if a flop, may also end up as a huge waste of paper (at least will keep the forestry industry going for a while). So, I… Continue reading Having a break cycling

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Eucalypt earthquake memories

This week was the first anniversary of the February 22nd earthquake in Christchurch. Between that and the first week of lectures it has been hard to find time to write much about data analysis. Thus, if I owe you some analyses, some code or some text be patient, please. I'll be back soon(ish). I have… Continue reading Eucalypt earthquake memories

Mid-February flotsam

This coming Monday we start the first semester in Canterbury (and in New Zealand for that matter). We are all looking forward to an earthquake-free year; more realistically, I'd be happy with low magnitude aftershocks. The Wall Street Journal reports that more pediatricians are 'firing' patients that refuse to use vaccines. I'm wondering about practices… Continue reading Mid-February flotsam


Traveling with friends and family, view from Green Lake towards Lake Tarawera, North Island, New Zealand. Time for walks, nice meals and setting R aside (although I have a few drafts for the blog soon to be published). Now back in the South Island we prepare for a great weekend with more walks, food and… Continue reading Hiking