Pythonic links

Before I forget: a few links about starting up in Python for scientific projects: Basic Data Analysis and More—A Guided Tour Using python. PDF in the arxiv. Python Scientific Lecture Notes. Quick introduction chapters. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python! An opinionated intro to Python. Numba versus Cython, for when you really need speed. Now if… Continue reading Pythonic links

Late-April flotsam

It has been month and a half since I compiled a list of statistical/programming internet flotsam and jetsam. Via Lambda The Ultimate: Evaluating the Design of the R Language: Objects and Functions For Data Analysis (PDF). A very detailed evaluation of the design and performance of R. HT: Christophe Lalanne. If you are in statistical… Continue reading Late-April flotsam

Early-March flotsam

It has been a strange last ten days since we unexpectedly entered grant writing mode. I was looking forward to work on this issue near the end of the year but a likely change on funding agency priorities requires applying in a few weeks; unfortunately, it means that all this is happening at the same… Continue reading Early-March flotsam

Mid-February flotsam

This coming Monday we start the first semester in Canterbury (and in New Zealand for that matter). We are all looking forward to an earthquake-free year; more realistically, I'd be happy with low magnitude aftershocks. The Wall Street Journal reports that more pediatricians are 'firing' patients that refuse to use vaccines. I'm wondering about practices… Continue reading Mid-February flotsam